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Eighty-five years of UCC Japan’s coffee expertise and quality assurance in being the total coffee company – from crop cultivation, procurement, research and development, roasting and processing, creating coffee culture and bringing a “Every coffee, every moment” to coffee lovers everywhere – culminates in sharing the passion for coffee through education at the UCC Coffee Academy.

The third branch in the world, UCC Coffee Academy Philippines follows Kobe and Tokyo branches in offering students a systematic approach in learning about coffee from any level.

Whether you’re a beginner, a hobbyist, a professional, or an entrepreneur wanting to open your own coffee shop, we offer different courses for you to elevate your coffee skill proficiency. We are opening our doors to a repository of coffee-related information and expertise to share with you.

Our Story

Welcome to the UCC Coffee Academy, where students learn about all aspects of coffee systematically and at their own level. We are opening our doors to a repository of coffee-related information, expertise, knowledge and skills accumulated over the years since the founding of UCC in Japan.

Eighteen years after opening the first UCC cafe in the Philippines, it’s about time to share our deep understanding and love for coffee. Whether you are an enthusiast or an entrepreneur wanting to open your own coffee shop, our Japanese-influenced coffee education designed by our coffee guru will prepare you to master the craft.

Meet the Team

  • 2022 Certified Head Trainer for ACF (Asean Coffee Federation)
  • 2019 to present CQI Certified Coffee Processing Professional
  • 2019 to present CQI Certified QAI or Q Assistant Instructor
  • 2018 Director of Education and Instructor UCC Coffee Academy Phil
  • 2017 Worked with PCBI as Technical Adviser and Executive Director
  • 2015 to present - Certified CQI Arabica Q Grader
  • 2015 Established SanCoCo Café
  • 2008 Wrote and published a coffee table book “A Coffee Journal”
  • 1999 SFC did a joint venture and developed Boyd Coffee Company Phils. Inc.; provided and assisted setting up and training of numerous cafés nationwide
  • 1997 SFC pioneered in the importation and distribution of commercial espresso machines
  • 1995 Established San Francisco Coffee, a micro roasting company
  • 1993 Started Coffee Career

  • 2023 - Philippine National Coffee Competition "Barista and Latte Art" Judge

  • 2018 to present UCC Coffee Academy Instructor

  • 2018 Acquired UCC Coffee Adviser Training

  • 2018 1st Latte Art Surftown Throwdown Champion at Clean Beach La Union

  • 2017 Acquired UCC Coffee Master Training Level 2 (Top of the Class)

  • 2015 Acquired UCC Coffee Master Training (Top of the Class)

  • TYPICA Coffee Latte Art Throwdown 2024 - 1st Runner up

  • Infusions “Pour for the Champ” 2024 (Professional Category) - 1st Runner up

  • Breville Ph “Pour your Art out” 2023 - CHAMPION

  • Musikape Grand Latté Art Throwdown 2023 - CHAMPION

  • ANGKAN Coffee Latte Art Throwdown 2023 - 1st Runner up

  • BLCN Latte Art Throwdown 2023 - 1st Runner up

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